White WashCloth Set Soft Cotton Wash Cloth Quick Dry For Hotel Home Ofice Clean Bar

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12 pieces Washcloth Set White Colors Washcloth Cotton Towels Set For Hotel Home Spa Office Gym Clean bar Size 13 x 13 cm.

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Wash Clothes fine Quality Cotton 12 Piece Cotton Washcloth Set.Our Elegantly Wash Cloths Cotton Set towels give your Home Office,Gym, Spa and Tours to extra stylish look! These durable washcloths are crafted with low twist cotton with its high quality texture, you'll experience one of life's simple pleasure. 
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Hurbane Home Provide the best Quality of Genuine Cotton Wash Cloths Clean bar Cleaner Cloths . 

Features :

• 100 % Cotton Wash Clotes Soft and Comfortable.
• Available Colors: White Colors Wash Cloths Towels 13x13 Cotton.
• Available Size : 13x 13 inches Wash Cloths. 
• Pack of WashCloths : 12 Piece of Wash Cloths Cotton Set.
 Wash Cloths Quick dry and Shine the Body.
• High absorbance Wash Cloths Towel Set
• High quality comfortable material used for the manufacturing of Wash Cloths Cleanbar.
• Make an offer for Bulk orders.
• Feel Free Contact For any Query related Wash Cloths Towel Cotton variety of Towels.