120 Pcs Microfiber Pillow Case


/ Dozen

20" x 30" (3" Hem)
20" x 30" (3" Hem)
20" x 30" (3" Hem)
20" x 30" (3" Hem)
20" x 30" (3" Hem)
20" x 40" (3" Hem)
20" x 40" (3" Hem)
20" x 40" (3" Hem)
20" x 40" (3" Hem)
20" x 40" (3" Hem)

Product details

Selling Unit: 10 Dozen/Case
Grade: Microfiber
Colour: White
Delivery: 2-3 Days

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Product Features

  • High-quality microfiber material for ultimate comfort and softness.

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

  • Machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant for easy care and maintenance.

  • Standard size fits most pillows, including king and queen sizes.

  • Zipper closure ensures a secure fit and hassle-free pillowcase changes.

  • Available in crisp white color to seamlessly match any bedding or decor.

Why Use Hurbane Microfiber Pillow Case?

Experience the luxury of our Hurbane Microfiber Pillow Case, crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Made from premium microfiber material, our pillowcases offer unrivalled softness and comfort. The breathable and hypoallergenic fabric ensures a restful sleep, free from allergies or irritations. With its machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant properties, our pillowcases are easy to care for and maintain their pristine appearance. The standard size fits most pillows, making them versatile for any bed. Upgrade your bedding with our Hurbane Microfiber Pillow Case and enjoy a blissful sleep experience.

  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant for allergy sufferers.

  • Zipper closure for easy pillowcase changes and secure fit.

  • Machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant for effortless maintenance.

  • Breathable fabric promotes a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

  • High-quality microfiber material ensures long-lasting durability.

  • Premium white color matches any bedding or decor style.

  • Suitable for king, queen, and standard pillow sizes.

  • Luxuriously soft and smooth feel for ultimate comfort.

  • ISO certified for peace of mind regarding harmful substances.

  • Exceptional value for money with affordable prices and bulk order discounts.

Hurbane Microfiber Pillow Case V/S Others



  • Superior comfort and softness compared to other microfiber pillowcases.

  • Inferior comfort and rough texture may compromise sleep quality.

  • ISO certified fabric guarantees safety and quality for you and your family.

  • Lack of ISO certification raises concerns about potentially harmful substances.

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic material promotes a healthy sleep environment.

  • Non-breathable and non-hypoallergenic materials may trigger allergies or skin irritations.

  • Easy-care and wrinkle-resistant properties save time and effort in maintenance.

  • Difficult to maintain and prone to wrinkles, requiring frequent ironing or steaming.

  • Zipper closure ensures a secure fit and prevents pillow slippage during sleep.

  • Poorly designed closures may result in the pillowcase slipping off during sleep.



Hurbane Home



Special Features

‎Bulk Pack

ISO Certified

  • Effective consumer protection and product stewardship

  • Responsible chemical management

  • Environmentally friendly production technologies

  • Efficient use of resources and materials

  • Socially responsible working conditions

  • Transparent supply chain management

  • Sustainable procurement

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