HURBANE HOME 6 pcs 100% Cotton Towel Bale Set Bath and Hand Towels 2 pcs Each

Hurbane Home

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Hot showers and baths are one of the most common stress relief therapies that people use to relax their mind and body and so the bathing accessories are equally important to be of good quality.

We, at Hurbane Home always come up with the finest quality products to make your everyday experiences fun and comfortable.

These Towels comes in 6 pieces set. The texture is very soft and designed with extra absorbency. The entire look of the towels is royal and seems expensive when placed at your towel holder in your bathroom. It it also made to complement with any bathroom design because it's white color and elegance. The towel is durable and will make your life easier once bought. You don?t need to replace it again and again like the other low quality ones. It goes a long way without getting worn out or rough.

The towel is not just designed with high absorbance but also quick dry mechanism which is one of the most important factors to be looked when buying a towel for bathing. The other mainstream hand towel takes hours and hours to dry but these Hurbane home Hand Towels are going to make your life easier with no hassle of using a dryer.

Features :

100 % Cotton Towels Soft and Comfortable.


12x12 ( 2) , 16x27 (2) , 27x54 (2)


Black Towels, Yellow Towels, Burgundy Towels, Burnt Orange Towels, Gray Towels, Sage Green Towels
Premium color Quality to complement any bathroom design.

Towels Quick dry the Body.

High quality comfortable material used for the manufacturing of Hand Towels.