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Transform your space and let our deluxe colored towel sets add a touch of glam and color to your décor. Shop now!

Colored Towels
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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

Indulge in Ultimate Comfort: With Our Meticulously-Designed, High-Quality Colored Towels

Hurbane Home is a top supplier of high-quality bath linen products, such as soft and absorbent colored towels, durable bath towels, stylish beach towels, and luxurious bath robes to name a few. Not only are these designed to impress, but these premium towels are priced just right for the whole family.

From bright-colored towel sets to multi-colored bath towels, we at Hurbane Home know how to elevate your daily bath rituals with our exclusive towel sets, competitively priced for your indulgence. Ready to treat yourself to the finest in bath linens?

Shake Up Your Bath Linen & Add A Splash of Color With Our Colored Bath Towels!

At Hurbane Home, we offer a wide selection of bath linens, which are unmatched both in comfort and elegance. Whether you select one of the neutral options or our exclusive coral-colored bath towel sets, we offer colored towels in various sizes – without breaking the bank!

After all, nothing is quite more refreshing than a wonderfully revitalizing shower that allows you to envelope yourself in our luxurious towel sets that are simply plush to the touch!

Let Hurbane Home enhance your daily bathroom routine with our 100% cotton-based colorful bath towels. We are not just the epitome of luxury – our bath linen products meet affordability as well!

Ready to Dive into Hurbane Home’s Best Colored Towels For Your Bathroom?

Here are some of our best-selling colored towel sets:

Red Colored Towels
As one of our top-selling items from our multi-colored bath towel sets, it is 100% pure cotton, making it soft and durable, ideal for young couples and large families. Available in a variety of sizes, these bright-colored towels add that much-needed pop of color to any room in the house!

Sage Green Colored Towels
Want your bath linen to be tastefully subtle? Then opt for our sophisticated sage green colored towels for these instantly elevate your bath décor. Let us help you upgrade your bathroom today!

Coral Colored Towels
Rise and shine with our bestseller, The Coral. Nothing will wake you up like the vibrant hues of our premium-quality product. Delight in the richness of our colorful towel collection and elevate your bath routine, just the way you like!

Burgundy Colored Towels
Transform your daily bathroom rituals with colorful bath towel sets like The Burgundy. Super-rich color that’s also available in several different sizes, this is the perfect home gift for your special someone!

Black Colored Towels
One widely opted towel set, The Black adds exquisite luxury to any décor. No wonder it’s so popular amongst our customers! Let our premium-quality colored towel transform your everyday routine into a spa-like experience!

Dark Gray & Silver Gray Colored Towels
Want to add a touch of classic and calm to your décor? Opt for The Silver, which instantly adds a touch of calm sophistication to your bathroom. Ready to pamper yourself in style?

Why Should I Choose Hurbane Home’s Colored Towel Sets?

Here’s why:

Luxurious Soft Texture
Manufactured with long-staple 100% premium cotton, our bright-colored towels instantly provide a plush and gentle feel against your skin

100% Guaranteed Product Longevity
Dual-stitched seams reinforce the enhanced strength of our colored towel that can undergo multiple wash cycles without minimizing its lifespan, thereby optimizing the value of your investment!

Exceptional Moisture Absorption
Thanks to the 100% cotton composition, our colored towels boast exceptional absorbency, which facilitates swift and efficient drying for instant comfort

Eagle-Eye Focus on Sustainability
Adherence to the global Oeko-Tex standards ensures that our home and lifestyle products are eco-friendly, making them safe both for humans and the environment

Spectacular Color Retention
Our colored towels display exceptional resistance to color bleeding while maintaining their vibrant look, even at temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius!

Prominent Shades & Hues
We offer colored towels in a wide range of striking shades, which instantly add that much-needed pop of color to your bathroom décor

A Mindful Home Gift
Looking for a thoughtful home gift? Select one of our impeccable colored towel sets and make your loved ones feel extra special!

How Can I Incorporate Different Kinds of Towel Sets in My Daily Routine?

Every category of towel is meticulously designed with features, precisely tailored to its designated purpose. Thus, ensuring longevity and optimal functionality.

Here are some practical ways to use premium colored towels at home:

Bath Towels
Instantly refresh the senses with Hurbane Home’s stylish colored bath towels. Generously sized and efficient for quick drying, this is one indispensable item that takes your post-bathing comfort up a notch higher!

Hand Towels
Hand towels need to be convenient and practical. That’s why these are usually positioned conveniently near kitchen sinks or in bathrooms so that they can easily be accessed for drying purposes. Shop our best-selling coral color hand towels today!

Washcloths are usually small and versatile. Most commonly used in the kitchen or for personal hygiene needs, these are perfect for cleaning up minor spills and messes. Check out our vibrant-colored towel collection today!

About the Brand

Hurbane Home is a family-owned enterprise, distinguished and trusted for its excellence in the home textile industry. Acknowledged as a reputable supplier in varying domains like home décor and essential household items, we offer premium-quality cotton-based towels and bed sheets.

Popular for their unmatched comfort, seamless plush, and moisture-wicking attributes, our range of exclusive home products is crafted to withstand rigorous use and frequent washing while maintaining exceptional softness.

Whether catering to the hospitality industry for spas, hotels, vacation rentals, or the average American family, Hurbane Home products are an elegant solution for ultimate comfort and instant satisfaction. Let our home products elevate your space with the unmatched sophistication of our premium-quality linens.

Rejuvenate your linen closet today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of Hurbane Home.
We strive to provide clarity on common product queries to enrich your online shopping experience. Here are some of our most frequent questions:

Q. Can I purchase Hurbane Home products from retail stores in the country?
Even though we are one of the major manufacturers of high-quality colored towels in the USA, we are only available online.

Q. What are the different colors available for towels?
We offer a wide selection of colored towels. Our most in-demand products include the following:
– Red
– Coral
– Black
– Burgundy
– Sage Green
– Dark Gray & Silver Gray

Q. What payment methods can I use?
We want your online shopping experience to be fun and hassle-free! This is why, we offer multiple payment options for you. These include:
– All major credit and debit cards
– American Express
– PayPal
Payments are processed through the Braintree, Afterpay or PayPal gateway, so your transaction is safe and 100% secure at all times.

Q. How do I know if my order has successfully been placed on the website?
You will receive an order confirmation email after you have placed your order. So just keep an eye on your junk mail or spam, in case the email lands there.
And while this applies to every order, don’t worry, if you don’t receive an order confirmation! Contact our customer support team and they will sort it out for you.

Q. I wanted colorful bath towel sets but the item is not available. How would I know if it has been restocked or not?
Stay in the loop about restocked items by subscribing to our newsletter. Or simply visit our website. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the support team for further assistance.

Q. Can I make changes or cancel an order that I have placed?
Having a change of heart?
No worries!
If you decide to make changes to your order or want to cancel your order and place a new one, you need to contact us within an hour of placing it.

Q. Are there any special instructions for washing colored towels?
Colored towels need a little extra TLC to ensure that they stay nice, bright, and soft.
Here are some general instructions that you can follow to maintain the quality of your selected product:
– Always wash colored towels separately in cold water. For best results, use a gentle detergent on delicate cycle
– Avoid using bleach, as it can cause immediate fading and damage to the color of your product
– For drying, always opt for low heat settings as it helps to preserve both the vibrancy and quality of your towel set

Q. Can I use bleach on colored towels?
Refrain from using bleach on the product as it diminishes the color of your selected towel set but can also damage the fabric. Always choose a mild, gentle detergent that’s specifically formulated for colored fabrics to maintain its vibrancy, softness, and longevity.

Q. I would like to exchange or return my coral colored bath towels. What should I do?
Not happy with your order?
No issues!
We accept exchanges and returns. For more information, please go to our Shipping & Returns Policy.

Q. Does Hurbane Home offer gift cards on its products?
We don’t offer gift cards at the moment but we are currently working on this.

Unable To Locate The Answer You Need?

Feel free to contact our customer service team. We’re available during these times:

Monday to Friday
7 am – Midnight

Rest assured, our dedicated team is always eager to assist you and committed to addressing your questions comprehensively.